Saturday, 11 January 2014

Apart from INPUTS, CREDIT, MARKETING and Synergy with ALLIED AGRICULTURE, TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY (TOT) is a important element for the growth of agriculture. Success of TOT is mainly depends on the mode of delivery system. If proven technology fails in the field due to the deficiency in delivery system, it will be very difficult to recuperate and there is high possibility that farmers’ may lose confidence. Present delivery system of TOT through grant based model having several defects such as wrong selection of progressive farmer, more emphasis on inputs rather than the technology transfer, limited resources, less chances of replication and weak monitoring i.e. no follow up for extension. 

TOTTC approach is nothing but incorporating mix system of grant and credit in delivery system. Capacity building portion of the TOT can be delivered in the form of grant. Critical inputs, which are responsible for enhancement of productivity and improvement in quality, should be given through credit only. Credit initially should be given without any interest (REFUND MODEL) but gradually some nominal charges may be levied so that cost of delivery may be recovered. While formulating any TOT proposal, proper assessment of incremental benefits expected by reduction of input cost, increase in productivity and enhancement of rate of output-product due to quality should be always have higher than the cost of critical inputs. Since every project has some risk (demonstration failure etc), hence there is need to cover risk by introducing insurance for TOT.

Benefit Cost Ratio of the TOTTC : Demonstration for enhancement of the productivity through “System of Rice Intensification” were carried out in two blocks namely Bhaluani and Deoria Sadar in District Deoria. 144 demonstrations were undertaken in 13 villages during Khraif 2013. Area of one demonstration was kept 0.33 acre. Batch-wise, village-wise capacity building programmes were carried out through audio-visual as well by agronomist expert from KVKs. Critical inputs were supply of dhaincha seed, vermin-compost, cono-weeder and markers. Brief summary and financial returns from these demonstration are as under :   

Area per demonstration for SRI
          0.33 Acre
Cost of inputs for critical interventions
Enhancement of average productivity
2.6 q
Incremental Return due to incremental yield
Incremental Return due to reduction in input cost
Rs.215/- to Rs.925/-
Total incremental benefit
Rs.3725/- to Rs.4435/-
Benefit Cost Ratio
2.13 to 2.53